Free Workshop

Localization for UX

Localize Your Digital Assets Like a PRO

June 24, 2021 

6pm (Israel)   *   5pm (Eur)   *   8am (CA)   *  11am (NY)

Instead of spending tons of money and time on outsourced translation services, we’ll guide you how to localize your digital assets in the best possible way. There are many cultural differences or just terms that, if not localized the right way, might lead to bad experience for your users.

Did you know? 
More than 90% of people prefer to learn in their native language, and 9 out of 10 global users ignore products not in their native language. Not addressing the right issues with your text is bad for business, we mean, REALLY bad.

Whether you want to build a localization strategy for new market penetration with your digital assets, or just sharpen your localization writing skills, our FREE localization workshop is perfect for you!
The workshop will be led by Rachel Kremer, localization expert with over 30 years of experience in the translation and localization industries.

Your Hosts

Rachel Kremer, Versio Academy
Rachel is a Google certified localizer, Hebrew Language Manager for Yandex, and Hebrew Language Specialist for Airbnb. Over the course of her career Rachel has localized hundreds of thousands of digital contents.
Yuval Keshtcher, UX Writing Hub
Yuval is a product design expert. He is the founder of UX Writing Hub and host of Writers in Tech podcast. 
Yuval has helped thousands of people become UX Writers and Content Designers.

Gabriela Elazar
Localization Specialist
"There are no shortcuts – success stems from the professional training I received at Versio Academy, and from the tools and methodologies I acquired during the course. The course opened a door to a world of abundance and a wonderful professional community, who continues to enrich our professional lives with professional, high-level content."
Liz Grin
Localization Specialist
"The course provides the tools, confidence and knowledge required to enter the world of localization. The lecturers are professional, supportive, patient and simply amazing. The course opened a world of knowledge and skills. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made."