Free Chatbot Building
Hands-On Workshop

Zoom, Monday, April

As an appetizer for the Conversation Design course (starting May 4), in this hands-on workshop you'll learn two basic pillars of chatbot building: the Why and the How.

We’ll talk about the importance of conversational AI in today’s digital marketing arena and why is the chatbot so crucial for businesses. We'll also showcase companies that have improved their performance using chatbots.

*The workshop will be held in English*
April 19, 5:00-6:30pm (CET+1, GMT+3)
Free registration
?What you’ll do
Build your own chatbot! 
Ok, not a complicated one... it’s a short workshop after all, but you will:
* Create a basic chatbot that collects personal information
* Understand the high-level principles of chatbot writing
* Invite your chatbot to our Zoom meeting :)
It's soooo easy, that anyone can do it
Have zero knowedge or experience in programming or coding?
No worries! You don't need to be a programmer or code writer to build amazing chatbots!


Eran Soroka
Head of Marketing Operations at CoCoHub

Rachel Kremer
Entrepreneur, Localization Expert, Founder & CEO at Versio Academy 

Miri  Blayckher
Head of content and social media at CoCoHub